Avalon Organics Conditioner Scalp Treatment Tea Tree 


  • Soothes irritation & leaves hair soft & health-looking

  • Gentle, effective, plant-based conditioner made with organic botanicals & essential oils

  • Contains organic ingredients

  • No GMOs, vegan & biodegradable

  • No parabens, harsh sulfates or preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances, phthalates or animal testing



Strong, healthy hair comes from simple, healing ingredients found in nature.  For scalp discomfort, a medley of Tea Tree Essential Oil, Beta-Glucan, Aloe, Quinoa Protein and Vitamin E work together to cleanse, balance moisture levels and soothe irritation. The result: soft, shiny hair and lasting scalp comfort. Avalon Organics is grounded in the knowledge that all beauty begins within the Earth. Guided by the wisdom of nature, each product is thoughtfully crafted for optimal effectiveness while meeting a strict organic standard. Formulas contain carefully selected botanicals that are nurtured by the elements then tenderly harvested to nourish the body from the outside in. Deep rooted beauty is at the heart of the Avalon Organics Guiding Principles – ensuring that every product reflects a deep reverence for the planet and all it provides and contributes in its own small way to a holistic lifestyle of health, wellness and sustainability.



Avalon Organic® Scalp Treatment Tea Tree Conditioner 11 fl. oz.

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